Submissions Now Open!

Submissions will be open until January 16, 2019.


What We’re Looking For

  • Previously unpublished short fiction that doesn’t lean heavily on genre tropes.
  • Hard sci-fi, soft sci-fi, sci-fi that melts in your mouth-brain not your hand-brain.
  • Speculative fiction, weird fiction, slipstream

Basically anything that pleases Scummy, our megaphone-toting slime buddy, will be considered for entry into the interstellar archive aboard Scummy’s saucer.

How to Submit

Include submissions as an .RTF or .DOC attachment sent to along with a brief cover letter in the email body. Please attach only your story (no images).

Stories, or collections of flash fiction, should be 1000 – 7000 words in length, and submitted in standard manuscript format.

Use the subject line “Planet Scumm Submission” followed by your story title.

Submit only one short story or flash collection. We will not accept multiple submissions from the same author in one reading period.

Simultaneous submissions are okay, as long as you promptly withdraw a story accepted elsewhere. Submissions that are too long or short will be rejected immediately, as will those that are incorrectly formatted. In addition, submissions covering the topics below aren’t likely to play well with our slush readers.

Schedule, Rights and Payment

Accepted authors recieve a flat payment of $30 and a 3% share of the issue’s profits.

Issue #7 will be released Spring 2019 as an audiobook and print magazine. Some accepted stories will also be published on our website. We purchase first world English print and electronic publishing rights for six months and non-exclusive rights thereafter.

Authors will receive their first payment within 3 months of their issue’s release date, and an annual residuals check. Contributors will also receive a free digital copy of the issue.